The desire to escape, the need for freedom and the desire to make women shine led us to found Opaliya.

More than a ready-to-wear brand, Opaliya is an invitation to travel. Inspired by the warmth of here and elsewhere, she is driven by passion, light and femininity.

Thanks to the unique character of each piece, the brand allows women to radiate with harmony in each of them.


    In order to ensure optimum quality, we choose our collaborators with care. Our materials are natural and/or certified and the manufacturing is European.


    Opaliya's ambition is to share all the information concerning the manufacture of its clothes, to prove its commitment, but also to be closer to its customers.


    Solar and feminine, the Opaliya universe is unique. Femininity is the engine of the Opaliya collections. The clothes sublimate the beauty of curves with subtlety and finesse.

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In order to ensure the quality of our products, we carefully select our collaborators. For this, Opaliya clothes are made in a human-sized workshop in Portugal, near Lisbon.

In order to achieve optimal comfort, we favor natural and/or certified materials. They are soft, durable and respect women's bodies.

The majority of our materials come from end of stock, allowing us to use what already exists while avoiding overproduction. The others are certified and produced in Europe.

In order to push our commitment even further, each garment is equipped with a traceability tool allowing access to information concerning the manufacture of our garments. From the culture of the fiber to the packaging of the product, everything is revealed.


Margaux et Margot, parce que deux Margot(aux) valent mieux qu’une. 

Le duo se rencontre à l’école et se retrouve quelques années plus tard à travailler pour la même entreprise. 

Margot, la créative du binôme a toujours rêvé d’entrepreneuriat par son besoin d’indépendance. Amoureuse des voyages, elle souhaite créer une marque solaire qui donne envie d’évasion. 

Margaux, la pragmatique et organisée du duo a quant à elle toujours été passionnée par la mode et l’entrepreneuriat. Poussée par le projet de Margot, le duo décide de quitter leur emploi pour se lancer dans l’aventure. Après 1 an et demi de recherches et d’analyses, c’est alors qu’Opaliya voit le jour.