We will explain everything to you...

Stage of creation and development of models according to trends. This product was designed by our team in our offices located in the heart of Lorraine.

Stages where the fibers are transformed to make a thread then the threads are then gathered by machines to create a fabric. These steps were made in Spain.

Steps that took place in France and which consist in transforming the color and properties of a fabric.

Stage of patronage, prototyping and assembly of garments for production. To ensure the quality of our products and to support European craftsmanship, this dress was made in Portugal. Our workshop is located near Lisbon, and is managed exclusively by women. They are committed, and only produce in limited quantities.

The clothes are directly packed in our workshops in Portugal. Upon receipt in our offices in Nancy, we give them a makeover for your greatest pleasure (ironing, perfume, etc.).

This garment has been made with the utmost care, so we advise you to keep and cherish it. However, if you want to part with it, we encourage you to give it a second life by recycling it or selling it on second-hand platforms.